Lightening Powder Blondor Freelights
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Lightening Powder Blondor Freelights

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Release your creativity with a new level of precision and accuracy for freehand lightening techniques. The Blondor Freelights range consists of Freelights White Lightening Powder and the Freelights Developer in 3 different strengths: 6%, 9%, 12%.
Use both products as a closed system (product A+ B)
Creamy consistency
Flexible mixture for easy spreading
Adhesive mass that stays in place, enabling you to place color exactly where you want it
Freelights White Lightening Powder
Lightening on natural or pre-coloured hair.
Up to 7 levels of hair lightening.
Use exclusively with FREELIGHTS Developer for best results.
Couture Colour service
Freelights Developer
Developer for precision and ease of application with less swelling
Contains hydrogen peroxide and flexible acrylic polymers
Available in vol. 20 – 6% (for gentle lift), vol. 30 – 9% (extra lift), vol. 40 – 12% (maximum lift)
Couture Colour Service

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